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What is an online backup solution?

A common (not online) backup solution usually saves your data on an external hard disk, which can be bought seperately and hooked up to your computer. An online backup solution, like ebackup.me, saves your data over an encrypted and very fast line, like ADSL or Highspeed Internet, away from your computer on a highly secure backup server. Save from damage by water, by fire, by virus or burglars.

Is there a trail version of ebackup.me?

Yes there is. You can try ebackup.me for 30 days for free without any risk. ebackup.me meets your needs? You want to get the full version of ebackup.me? Simply turn your trail version into the latest ebackup.me version by buying the amount of GB you need to store all your files and folders.

What does ebackup.me cost and how do I pay?

Click here for pricing of ebackup.me. Payments are due annually in advance. New storage space can be bought throught the year, without additional setup costs.

Can I run ebackup.me on every windows operating system?

ebackup.me is tested on following operation systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Unix
If you are using an antivirus software or a firewall, there may be a few settings you might have to change. Our support team will be glad to help you with any difficulties you may come accross.

Can I save data without limit?

You can save data without limit. But we recommend to save only the most important data like family pictures or business data. Saving movies and music can get very expensive because they need a lot of storage space.

What happens if I delete or lose data?

No problem! Just restore your data from our backup servers within minutes. Wherever you are. Simply install ebackup.me, type in your account information and downnload your data from our servers with your password.

What is a "realtime-backup"?

Whenever you create a new file or change and save an existing one, ebackup.me transfers it to our backup servers, fully automated. Saving happens in the background of your computer.

Where is my data saved?

Your data is saved encrypted on several servers of the CTEK GmbH (a swiss company since 1996) spread all over switzerland and even Europe. Your data is saved in various places to ensure a maximum of accessability. All our servers are equiped with modern firewalls and save of hacker attacks. On our servers your data is safer than on a hope computer with internet access..