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As we give you the choice between a basic or professional variant you always have an adequate online backup software which is tailored to your needs.

Services on Demand

    Windows System Image - Bare Metal Backup

    For computers running Microsoft Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate Edition, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008, ebackup.me Professional is able to perform Windows System Backup and Restore. For older versions of Windows, we will provide you with a special tool for using in conjunction with ebackup.me Professional to perform Windows System Backup and Restore.

    You can configure ebackup.me Professional to save a copy of a Windows system on a local or network hard-drive before performing offsite backup. In case of a total-loss disaster happened to a local computer or server, you can recover the Windows system quickly from the local backup. A crashed Windows machine with 10GB in size can be recovered within 10 minutes. If the local backup has been destroyed in the disaster, backed up Windows image can still be restored easily from our servers.

    Therefore, we offer you a complete backup solution in protecting your Windows machines and allow you to recover them quickly after disasters.

    Support for Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Outlook Express

    ebackup.me Basic and ebackup.me Professional can be used to backup Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express are the two most popular email readers used by businesses and home users. However, backing up data stored in these two email readers is a headache to most users, as few users know where to find the related files storing the personal information (e.g. “.pst”, “.dbx”) and address book (“.wab”) used by these email readers to back up. With ebackup.me backing up these data becomes really easy as it only requires clicking a few buttons.

    Backup from Databases

    ebackup.me Professional supports following databases:

    • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • Lotus Domino/Notes

    Brick-Level Backup and Restore for Microsoft Exchange Server

    The built-in Microsoft Exchange Brick-Level Backup Module in ebackup.me Professional Version allows you to perform brick-level backup and restore for Microsoft Exchange Server, including individual emails, calendars, and contact lists, etc. When data loss disaster strikes, user can restore any individual emails, calendars and contact lists within a very short period of time, without the need to restore the full Exchange's information store. This capability makes ebackup.me Professional an ideal backup tool for Microsoft Exchange Server.

    Restore of backupsets

    Backup Virtual Machines

    ebackup.me Professional is a client-side backup application that comes with the VMware dedicated backup modules for ESX, ESXi, Server, Workstation, Fusion, and Player. For backing up ESX or ESXi, install ebackup.me Professional on a machine that is on the same network as the ESX or ESXi. For other host types, simply install ebackup.me Professional on the host machine.

    After proper configuration, ebackup.me Professional will automatically spool out the selected virtual machines' snapshot images, calculate incremental delta changes, encrypt and compress the changes, and then back them up to the server according to the defined backup schedule.

    Open File Backup

    Both, ebackup.me Basic and ebackup.me Professional, have integrated with Microsoft's latest Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework. It allows you to back up files that are being opened without any additional applications or plug-ins. VSS is only available on Windows XP / 2003 / Vista, and you must have administrative privileges to start the VSS service on a computer. Also, VSS will only work if at least one of your partitions is formatted using NTFS.

    Backup from open files with Volume Shadow Copy

    Continuous Data Protection

    ebackup.me Basic and ebackup.me Professional are equipped with advanced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) feature which can be set to capture every version of the data of a file that has been saved to your hard drive. With CDP, whenever you have made changes to the files in the backup set, it will automatically backup the changes to the backup server. Thus, it provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous data protection for file servers, desktops, and laptops effortlessly and transparently, without any human intervention.

    Continuous Data Protection

    Flexible Backup Schedule

    Other than Continuous Data Protection (CDP), ebackup.me Professional and ebackup.me Basic are equipped with flexible backup scheduler that allows you to implement your desired backup policy.

    As ebackup.me Professional is a comprehensive client-side application designed for backing up servers, it comes with an advanced scheduler which allows system administrators to create multiple backup schedules such as backup at a specific time and at multiple times per day etc. ebackup.me Basic is designed for desktop and notebook backup, thus its scheduler is with simpler options.



    Flexible Backup Schedule


    The new multi-threading implementation in ebackup.me Basic and ebackup.me Professional can improve the backup and restoration speed to a great extent, especially for the client machines with multi-core CPUs, as they will create 2 threads per CPU's core during backup or restoration. For a client machine which has a quad-core CPU, 8 threads will be created during backup or restoration. That means the speed will be a lot faster than a single-threading operation.

    In-File Delta Technology

    ebackup.me Basic and ebackup.me Professional are equipped with the proprietary In-File Delta technology. With this feature, the original file is required to be backed up once only, i.e. in the first backup job. Subsequently, only changes are necessary to be backed up. There are two types of In-File Delta that users can choose.

    Incremental Type

    All delta files are generated with respect to changes made since the last incremental backup. It means the last full backup file and ALL incremental delta backup files are required to restore the latest snapshot of a backup file.

    Differential Type

    All delta files are generated with respect to changes made since the last full backup file (i.e. differential backup). It means only the last full backup file and the last delta file are required to restore the latest snapshot of a backup file. Other intermediate delta files are only required if you want to restore other snapshots of a backup file. Differential in-file delta backup has the benefits that a corrupted delta file would only make one particular version of a backup file non-recoverable and all other backups created by other delta files of the same file would still be intact.

    Backup Account Protected by Login Name and Password

    For each backup account using ebackup.me Basic or ebackup.me Professional, it is required to have a login name and password.

    Top of the Class Encryption

    All data will be compressed and encrypted with 256-bit encryption with an encrypting key selected by the user on ebackup.me Basic and ebackup.me Professional, before being uploaded and stored on backup server. The encrypting key will NEVER be uploaded during backup. In addition, it is also possible to upload backup data through a secure SSL channel to further increase the level of security. On the other hand, decryption is only possible with user's encrypting key. Therefore, this whole mechanism provides exceptional security to the backed up data.

    Encryption with your selected key

    Seed Load Utility

    If you have a lot of data (e.g. 500GB) to backup to the backup server, it would take a considerable amount of time to perform the first full backup through the Internet. If you run into this problem, you can use the Seed Load Utility to back up your backup set to local hard disk (instead of directly to the backup server) and then transport the backup data, using removable hard disk. We can then load all your backup files from your removable hard disk into your backup account. This could then save you days (even weeks) of performing your first full backup. Since subsequent backup will be incremental backup (only new or updated files will be uploaded to the server) you should have no problems uploading your backup data afterwards.

    Command Line Tool

    ebackup.me Professional is equipped with a command line tool, which allows users to run pre-backup and post-backup commands. This feature is extremely useful for system administrators to back up an application or a database which ebackup.me does not have a dedicated module for it.

    For example, you can write proper scripts to spool out a database to a temporary folder before running backup, and delete the temporary folder after finishing backup. With this powerful tool, ebackup.me can back up essentially any applications and databases.



    Command Line Tool

    Flexible Retention Policy

    ebackup.me Professionals fully featured client-side backup application supports flexible retention policy. You can define multiple retention policies for each backup set. On the other hand, ebackup.me Basic simplified client-side backup application supports simple retention policy for its backup set.

    Flexible Retention Policies

    Support Multiple Backup Set

    ebackup.me Professional supports the creation of multiple backup sets. For example, if you intend to back up files, Microsoft Exchange database, and Microsoft SQL database on a server, you can simply create three backup sets as shown below.

    Logout Reminder

    ebackup.me Professional and ebackup.me Basic are incorporated with the System Logout Backup Reminder feature. With this option selected, the user will be "reminded" to perform backup when logging off Windows or shutting down the machine. If the user selects "Yes", ebackup.me Professional or ebackup.me Basic will start the backup job(s) and shut down the machine automatically when the backup job completes.

    Remindes you if you logout without having done a backup before

    Off-line Backup Reminder

    ebackup.me Professional and ebackup.me Basic are equipped with off-line backup reminder feature. This feature is basically designed for users who are off-line most of the time and cannot rely on the backup schedule to backup regularly. The Backup Interval allows users to specify the interval that they would like their data to backup. When the machine is online and this interval has elapsed, backup will run automatically. If Off-Line Backup Alert is enabled, a popup message box will ask the user to confirm starting the backup. The Email Notification setting is the number of days since the last backup that triggers the backup server to send email notification to the client to remind him to run an off-line backup. When the System Logout Backup Reminder setting is enabled, a popup message box will ask the user to start a backup before logging out / shutting down Windows.

    In case you cannot save online with CDP, choose off-line Backup

    Flexible Backup Filter

    ebackup.me Professional and ebackup.me Basic come with a comprehensive filtering tool for filtering the files that need to be included or excluded during backup.

    Flexible Backup Filter

    Keeping a Local Copy of the Backup Data on Client Side

    ebackup.me Professional is able to keep a local copy of the backup data for fast restoration. User is even able to define a unique retention policy for keeping the local copy of backup data.

    You might want to keep a local copy of your backup, so that you can upload it later

    Supports Multiple Languages

    ebackup.me supports several languages. New languages are being added continuously.


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