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Windows System Image - Bare Metal Backup

For computers running Microsoft Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate Edition, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008, ebackup.me Professional is able to perform Windows System Backup and Restore. For older versions of Windows, we will provide you with a special tool for using in conjunction with ebackup.me Professional to perform Windows System Backup and Restore.

You can configure ebackup.me Professional to save a copy of a Windows system on a local or network hard-drive before performing offsite backup. In case of a total-loss disaster happened to a local computer or server, you can recover the Windows system quickly from the local backup. A crashed Windows machine with 10GB in size can be recovered within 10 minutes. If the local backup has been destroyed in the disaster, backed up Windows image can still be restored easily from our servers.

Therefore, we offer you a complete backup solution in protecting your Windows machines and allow you to recover them quickly after disasters.