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Why ebackup.me?

  • Secure backup
  • Fully automated backup
  • Encrypted data
  • High technical standard
  • Fair pricing

Why ebackup.me?

1. Because ebackup.me is the only save way

A constant backup on CD, USB-stick or an external hard disk usually gets forgotten. In addition the backup data should be stored in a different location than the original data. But going back and forth is very annoying, that is why backup copies usually are stored next to the computer.
ebackup.me is a save solution which stores your data in a secure location. Save from damage by water, by fire or thieves! Fully automated and reliable.

2. Because ebackup.me works fully automated

Once installed, ebackup.me works fully automated in the background. Choosen files or folders are monitored and, in case of changes, saved immediately. No more worries about the backup of your data!

3. Because ebackup.me encrypts your data

Your data is encrypted for transfer and saved so on our backup servers to guarantee no one but you can read it. Save from everyone but you. Only you can read your data with your personal password, so do not lose it.

4. Because ebackup.me is based on the highest technical standard

We spared no effort or money to develop ebackup.me. It is done with the highest possible standard and cutting-edge technology. ebackup.me is programmed in Microsoft.NET and runs on every common operating system. We use special encryption to store your data on the newest and savest backup servers.

5. Because we offer fair pricing!

We have fair pricing. We do not want to be the cheapest. We want to be the best! We offer fair pricing and a wide ranges of capacities, so your data amount can grow. Check out for yourself and get stunned by its simplicity and security, 30 days for free!