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ebackup.me - Basic

The basic version for simple and recurring backup jobs.

For PC, notebooks and servers.

ebackup.me - Professional

The professional version for more complex backup environments with different backup schedules. To backup databases, Exchange, Virtual Servers VMWare and Hyper-V.

ebackup.me - Basicebackup.me - Professional
ebackup.me Professional

eBackup.me Professional

The Professional Version is recommended for complex backup procedures with different backup schedules or to backup network drives or databases.

In addition to the features from the Basic Version you get following advantages with the Professional Version:

  • Backup via network drives 
  • Backup of databases 
  • Several backup schedules 
  • Even higher encryption (Triple DES)
  • Embedding of scripts to run before or after the backup job
  • Defining retention policy per backup job
  • Keep a local copy of the backup data


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